Thu Feb 09 2023
Hello all! The first month of 2023 is in the books. I hope it was a productive and enjoyable one. I have added January's art to the gallery. Enjoy!
Wed Jan 04 2023
Hello everyone! I hope you had a happy holiday season and a happy new year. I've added all of December's images to the gallery. Please enjoy!
Sat Aug 27 2022
Tag system is now in place - each tag on an image page is a link that will load the gallery page filtered to that tag. Try it out!
Thu Aug 11 2022
My SubscribeStar is once again operational. Check it out!
Sun Jun 05 2022
Mon Apr 04 2022
Hi all, I have retouched a few older images. Please enjoy!
Sat Mar 12 2022
Thankfully, the image hosting problem has been solved, and I am now using AWS S3.
Check out these reworks:
Thu Jan 27 2022
I am currently searching for an image hosting service that allows me to upload adult oriented images. If you have any suggestions, let me know.
Mon Jan 03 2022
Here are more new remastered images: As always, enjoy!
Sun Dec 26 2021
Fri Dec 24 2021
Happy holidays to all! If I don't get a Christmas drawing done this year, here is last year's.

Diana Christmas Card 2020
Thu Dec 23 2021
Added some basic quality of life features to the site, including visible tags and release date on the image pages, year cards on the gallery page, and distinct home and news pages.
Sat Nov 13 2021
Come check out my new obsession with everyone's favorite shortstack bat girl!
Sun Oct 31 2021
Fri Oct 29 2021
The following image sets have been updated recently:
Fri Oct 29 2021
Hi all, I've done a few updates to the style of the website. As you can see, there is now an image logo at the top of the page. In addition, I have ironed out most of the less appealing features of the mobile site, so you will likely find it easier to browse on your phone.
Cheers and happy Friday!
Sun Oct 24 2021
The tagging/filter system in the gallery page is now probably as good as it will get. Character, series, pose, action, and year are some of the things you can search by. Try it out and let me know on Twitter how you like it!
Sat Oct 02 2021
Added support for some videos & animations I've made! Check out the featured images! Also tag system is underway!
Tue Sep 28 2021
As it closes in on a year since I've begun development of, I wanted to go over some of my goals for the website. I have a more consistent schedule since taking on a new job, so I should be able to spend some more regular time developing. I want to change the support page urgently to be more prominent, but beyond that, updates to the gallery and tag system should be my primary focus. I also want to make the database more robust and maybe insert a table for holding image descriptions, which will be shown on image pages, along with some other data such as date published (maybe a share button?). Also, the gallery page should probably be sorted by year. I think that would be a nice way to look at my progress over the time I've been drawing. Anyway this is getting long and I'm not proofreading so I'll wrap it up. Thanks for all the support!
Thu Aug 26 2021
Implemented a rudimentary search filter for the gallery page. It only works with the name of the image in question. Soon I'll make it more broad so you can search for tags.
Wed Aug 25 2021
New color scheme! I updated it a while ago but forgot to write a post. Continue enjoying the site!
Fri Jul 09 2021
Put each gallery image on its own page. Managed to include the name of the image from the database as well! Next step will be adding some fun descriptions to the images.
Thu Jul 08 2021
Fixed some bugs when loading from the databases on the news and gallery pages.
Wed Feb 24 2021
Had a bit of time to update the site with all the images I've done so far in 2021. Date and database systems have been implemented, looking to work on image tags and the aformentioned account and commenting system next. Cheers!
Tue Jan 26 2021
Welcome back to Now that I'm in a better position to do some web development, I can share with you a few features I plan to add to the site. I want to add a date system to the gallery page, which will let all images be viewed in the date they were created. This is more in the style of other artists' websites. Additionally, I want to work on an account system and a way for users to post comments. Hopefully I don't regret doing it, but we'll see. Anyway, thanks for being a fan!
Mon Nov 30 2020
This site now has a news section! Obviously right now I can't be bothered to write some actual news.