General Update

As it closes in on a year since I've begun development of, I wanted to go over some of my goals for the website. I have a more consistent schedule since taking on a new job, so I should be able to spend some more regular time developing. I want to change the support page urgently to be more prominent, but beyond that, updates to the gallery and tag system should be my primary focus. I also want to make the database more robust and maybe insert a table for holding image descriptions, which will be shown on image pages, along with some other data such as date published (maybe a share button?). Also, the gallery page should probably be sorted by year. I think that would be a nice way to look at my progress over the time I've been drawing. Anyway this is getting long and I'm not proofreading so I'll wrap it up. Thanks for all the support!

Posted: Tue Sep 28 2021